Southwest Restoration & Design can help with Shower leaks and all types of shower pans...


  • Shower pans, also known as a shower base is one of the most Critical parts to your shower. If a tiled shower pan is built without a pre-slope, there is no way for the water to drain properly and over time you will start to see mold to occur, or you may have a smell which is more noticeable when you are taking a shower. To protect You the home owner, and to insure that you have a worry free shower, we now build tiled shower pans with WEDI BUILDING PRODUCTS, which comes with an extended warranty of ten (10) years... Click below to find out more about the Wedi building products.

  • If you have a cultured marble pan and it’s leaking, this is more than likely caused by the pan being cracked or the caulking has broken down and allowed water to leak under the pan. This problem is more common if your wall panels meet with the shower pan floor – this type of an installation also has a liner under it, but it is just laying flat on the concrete floor with no way for the water to drain, not as common if your pan has a 4” lip which goes around the pan and where the wall panels set on – this area needs to be re-caulked every so often. What causes CM pans to crack? First and foremost, under the pan around the drain there is an area of about 1 square foot were there is an opening, in almost all cases this is left open, therefore, not providing any support for the shower pan, many times concrete around the outer edge of the opening has not been scraped off and is much higher and eventually causing the pan to crack.  

  • All of our cultured marble shower pans have a 4” lip,  a water proof liner that goes around the back and side of the shower pan – this allows the wall panels to rest on the front side of the liner  and prevents water leakage no mater what condition of the caulking.

  • Pictures below show some of the problems which accrue when the pan is constructed wrong. from left to right are the before and after pictures.