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Welcome to Southwest Restoration & Design, Inc. Bathroom  Remodeling Shower  Remodeling Shower Pan      Leaks Shower    Doors Counter Tops & Kitchen Remodels Bathroom Remodeling Shower Remodeling Shower leaks Cultured Marble & Tru Stone Showers Shower Doors Cultured Marble Showers Glass Block Showers Glass Block    Showers Kitchen Remodeling Tiled and Cultured Marble Shower Repairs…  Water Leaks & Pan Replacement...

Whatever the issue with your shower leaking, we are able to make all repairs, to include, but not limited:  Shower doors, replacing the pan, replacing cultured marble wall panels, maybe you just need to remove the cultured marble wall panels in order to replace or repair the shower pan, or just simple drywall repairs.

First, showers are not 100 percent water tight and will leak, this is especially true if you have a heavy glass enclosure (3/8  - 1/2” glass).  You can avoid some of the water leakage by not spraying water directly against the door... There are other reason’s that your shower may be leaking and doing damage to your outer walls.  In my years of remodeling I have found that the cause is that the silicone used to seal your glass enclosure has broken down, or not properly sealed when installed.

There is a bigger issue than just the glass enclosure - YOUR SHOWER PAN!  1. If you have a tiled shower pan and it is leaking, it’s probably caused by wrongly constructed (MANY COMPANIES FAIL TO PLACE IN A PRE-SLOPE, FAIL TO WATER PROOF THE AREA PRIOR TO PLACING IN THE SLOPED SHOWER FLOOR – JUST LAYING THE LINER ON A FLAT SURFACE IS A HUGE MISTAKE.  SHOULD ANY WATER GET BELOW THE ACTUAL PAN, IT HAS NO WHERE TO GO, BUT JUST SET THERE AND BECOME STAGNANT, CAUSING A HORRIFIC SMELL AND MOLD), or just age.  2. If you have a cultured marble pan and it’s leaking, this is more than likely caused by the pan being cracked or the caulking has broken down and allowed water to leak under the pan.  This problem is more common if your wall panels meet with the shower pan floor – this type of an installation also has a liner under it, but it is just laying flat on the concrete floor with no way for the water to drain, not as common if your pan has a 4” lip which goes around the pan and where the wall panels set on – this area needs to be re-caulked every so often.  What causes CM pans to crack? First and foremost, under the pan around the drain there is an area of about 1 square foot were there is an opening, in almost all cases this is left open, therefore, not providing any support for the shower pan.  

All of our cultured marble shower pans have a 4” lip,  a water proof liner that goes around the back and side of the shower pan – this allows the wall panels to rest on the front side of the liner  and prevents water leakage no mater what condition of the caulking.  

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